Mollusks were among the first inhabitants of the Earth. Fossils of mollusks have been found in rocks and date back over 500 million years.

Mollusk fossils are usually well preserved because of their hard shell. Most mollusks have a soft, skin-like organ covered with a hard outside shell. Some mollusks live on land, such as the snail and slug. Other mollusks live in water, such as the oyster, mussel, clam, squid and octopus.

Land living mollusks, like the snail, move slowly on a flat sole called a foot and they are the most commonly spotted mollusks at Oregon Caves.
The Traveling sideband snail (Monadenia fidelis celeuthia) is featured in our Visitor Center Exhibit and is often spotted along our trails.

Endemic to the bioregion of the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains, it is currently listed as a Sensitive species by the USDA FS and BLM but not by the State of Oregon.

This snail looks very much like another Pacific Northwest native, the Pacific sideband snail (Monadenia fidelis) and both these species use 'love darts'.

Visitors might also spot large banana slugs who make an appearance on warm, wet days.
snail Monadenia
Monadenia snail


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