Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Crescent Highway 101 Rehabilitation

How can I get updates about delays and traffic impacts?

Is there an alternative or bypass route I can take to avoid the construction?
Washington State Highways 112 and 113 can be used as an alternative route ( to the west end of the Olympic Peninsula. Road construction is also planned for Highway 112 during the summer of 2017, so we recommend checking for current conditions at

Do you have any recommendations for travelers?
  • Stay informed about scheduled four-hour delays and overnight six-hour delays by checking – they will always be announced two weeks in advance.
  • If you’re traveling in spring or fall and encounter four-hour delays, check the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau’s website for ideas of fun things to do in area communities between the hours of 9am and 1pm.
  • In spring and summer, traveling in the early morning and early evening can help you avoid half-hour delays. Between April 1 and September 23, the contractor’s work day will begin two hours after sunrise and end two hours before sunset.
Is there any way to avoid the half-hour delays?
Half-hour delays will only occur during work hours. Work is allowed on weekdays, so delays are not anticipated on weekends or holidays. The contractor’s work hours will vary according to the season and timing of sunrise and sunset. During summer, work hours cannot begin until two hours after sunrise and must end two hours before sunset. Find out when the sun rises and sets at

Will there be delays before or after work hours?
A temporary traffic light may be placed in the construction area to allow traffic to pass safely through one-lane sections of road. Drivers should expect short delays (up to several minutes) at the traffic light.

Why are four- and six-hour delays necessary?
These longer delays are needed so that the contractor can complete large and complex projects that encompass the entire width of the road.
  • Four-hour delays may only be used for slope scaling, rock bolting, culvert replacement and deep patching across the full road width.
  • Overnight delays lasting up to six hours are permitted for culvert replacement and deep patching across the full road width.
Why do all the four- and six-hour delays have the same schedule?
The delay schedule is a contract requirement designed to provide greater consistency and predictability for the traveling and commuting public.

How will public transit be affected?
Public transit will be subject to the same delays as other traffic during the Highway 101 construction project. For information about bus schedules, visit Clallam Transit at

Will bicycle and pedestrian traffic be delayed too?
Yes, for safety reasons, both bicycle and foot traffic will be subject to the same delays as other traffic.

How will this project affect East Beach Road access?
Work on East Beach Road will begin in August 2017, with all work anticipated to be completed by November 18, 2017. Work will only occur on weekdays, with no weekend or holiday construction.

Paving work on East Beach Road will occur after Labor Day 2017.

In August, the road will close to through traffic for a maximum two-week period for contractors to replace a culvert. This closure will be scheduled and announced in advance on

Will ambulances and other emergency vehicles be able to get through?
Yes, emergency vehicles will have access at all times without delay.

Will I still be able to access park facilities like trails, lodges, campgrounds and boat ramps?
Yes, access to all park facilities will remain open according to their regular seasonal schedules. Remember to allow extra travel time when planning your trip. Some pullouts/parking areas may be closed during construction along Highway 101.

What kind of work does this project include?
The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate 11.6 miles of Highway 101 along Lake Crescent and 3.5 miles of East Beach Road to address safety and long-term maintenance concerns.

Rehabilitation will improve subsurface pavement conditions, apply new pavement, stabilize slopes, repair retaining walls, improve drainage, replace failing culverts, replace guardrails, mitigate rockfall hazards and improve intersections. The project will also improve the Sledgehammer Point overlook, including construction of accessible pedestrian paths, curbing, exhibit, seat walls and new park entrance sign. A transit stop will be constructed in the Barnes Point area in cooperation with Clallam Transit.

How much will this project cost?
The award amount of this project is $27.5 million for the entire three-year project.

How will Lake Crescent be protected from environmental damage during this project?
The National Park Service is charged with protecting natural, cultural and recreational resources within Olympic National Park. The possible environmental effects of this project, as well as mitigation measures to prevent adverse effects, were described and analyzed in an environmental assessment (EA) completed in 2016. The EA, as well as a summary of public comments received and other materials, can be reviewed at

When was the last major rehabilitation for this road?
The last major rehabilitation of Highway 101 along Lake Crescent was completed in the 1980s.

Last updated: May 17, 2017

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