Current Fire Status

To report a fire in the park, call Olympic National Park dispatch at (360)565-3115.

If you have questions and/or comments about fires in the park call the Olympic National Park fire office at (360)565-3125.

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Cox Valley Fire, Olympic NP, Aug 2016
Cox Valley Fire, Olympic NP, August 2016

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September 2016 Update

This will be the final update unless significant activity occurs.

Cooler weather and higher humidity has dampened the fires to light activity. All four fires will continue to be actively monitored by Olympic National Park fire officials. Equipment for structure protection remains in place on structures near the fires. These fires remain active and are not out. Depending on the weather and fire activity, smoke may be seen at times throughout the surrounding valleys within the Olympic Peninsula. All trail closures remain the same until further notice. Visitors near the fire areas should be cautious of their surroundings. When hiking, please stay near the trail, and know that walking through recently burnt areas is not safe. White ash may indicate deep pockets of heat where roots and group vegetation continues to burn below ground level.

Below are the trails affected by the fires:

● The 8-mile section of the Elwha River trail remains closed from Hayes River Ranger Station south to Chicago Camp.

● The Hayden Pass Trail also remains closed from Dose Meadows at the east to the junction with the Elwha River Trail at the west.

● Please use caution when hiking on the Quinault River Trail in the vicinity of the Ignar Creek Fire.

Smoke Effects to Continue within the Park

The Olympic National Park fires are located deep in remote wilderness. We are aware of the fires, please do not report them. Areas throughout the park may be impacted by smoke settling into surrounding valleys due to large quantities of fuel and burnable materials.

Paradise Fire (2015)
The Paradise Fire was located well within Olympic National Park in the Queets Valley wilderness. The fire was caused by a lightning strike in late May 2015 but smoldered undetected until June 14. It was declared out on November 18.
Paradise Fire 7-31-15
Paradise Fire in Queets Valley, July 2015

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Ariel view of smoke rising from the forest along the edge of Queets River.
Paradise Fire in Queets Valley, June 16

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Map of Olympic National Park with the location of the Paradise Fire identified in the southwest corner.

Last updated: September 6, 2016

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