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Junior Ranger Booklet
Junior Ranger Booklet

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Junior Ranger Program

Olympic National Park protects an amazing web of life, from tide pools to snowy peaks. To maintain this web of plant and animal communities, rangers study and protect parks, as well as help visitors understand and safely enjoy these special places. You can help. When you visit our park complete the steps in the Junior Ranger Booklet to become an Olympic National Park Junior Ranger. You can also visit the NPS website to learn about other Junior Ranger opportunities throughout the national park system.

Pick-up your copy of the Olympic National Park Junior Ranger Booklet at any visitor center in the park.

Click here for Ocean Stewards book!
Ocean Stewards Book

National Park Service

Olympic National Park Ocean Stewards Program

Olympic National Park Ocean Steward Junior Ranger program is a fun, hands-on program for children age 4 and up. As an Ocean Steward you will explore the coastal ecosystem of Olympic National Park, learn exciting new facts about this unique ecosystem and understand how you can help protect Olympic National Parks wilderness coast and ocean. Download and print the Ocean Steward Junior Ranger book at home and bring it with you to the park or pick-up your free copy at any visitor center when you arrive. Complete the book according to instructions to receive your Ocean Steward patch.

Last updated: December 19, 2019

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