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The Science of Elwha

A scientists observes fish in the Elwha River while snorkeling.

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Using web-based video conferencing software to connect classrooms and students with an Olympic Park Ranger, the "Science of Elwha" program introduces the scientific method by investigating real life scientific research and monitoring projects centered on the Elwha's anadromous fish populations. This program is an excellent way to introduce the steps of the scientific method as well as creates a launching point for future individual science projects. Additionally, this program compliments salmon-based educational units, endangered and threatened species, and watershed/ecosystem explorations. The program is designed to be 45 minutes long, but can be tailored to meet the educational aims and objectives of the classroom teacher.

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If interested in participating in a session, please contact Dean Butterworth at 360-565-3146.


Aquatic Studies, Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Community, Ecological Engineering, Ecology, Environment, Government, Hydrology, Physical Science, Planning/Development, Wildlife Management
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Last updated: February 28, 2015