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An American dipper with a meal on Lake Crescent.

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Activities in the Creature Feature trunk will enhance your study of the animals and lowland forests of Olympic National Park. Designed to be multi-faceted, the activities in the Creature Feature trunk will reinforce the educational concepts taught within the classroom. Topics include predator-prey relationship, animal adaptations, birds and bird feeding styles, animal tracks and many more. The Creature Features activities may be used independently or with The Living Forest, a curriculum guide to the lowland and old-growth forests of Olympic National Park.

Borrowing Instructions

Contact us to request a specific trunk. The cost of $20.00 plus tax, rents a trunk for a two week period. Mailing is an option; however, the trunks are heavy and shipping costs add up. Trunks are available for pick up at the Olympic Visitor Center located in Port Angeles.


Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Community, Ecology, Environment, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management
Traveling Trunk

Last updated: April 11, 2017