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Discovery Backpack

Uncover the mysteries of our natural world with field worksheets, two interactive outdoor games, and six photo field guides. Watch as your young hikers become investigators discovering the purpose and meaning of what they see in the great outdoors.

Contents include:

  • Olympic National Park Nature Guide
  • Audubon Field Guide to Pac NW
  • The Beachcomber's guide
  • Pacific Cost Tree Finder
  • Pacific Cost Fern Finder
  • With Beauty Before Me
  • Field Guide to Mountain Weather
  • Animal Tracks
  • Lichen and Mosses guide
  • LNT card
  • Leave No Trace Skills and Ethics booklet

Borrowing Instructions

Borrow a backpack at park visitor centers. A suggested $5.00 donation is appreciated.


Aquatic Studies, Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Climate, Climate Change, Community, Earth Science, Ecology, Environment, Geography, Geology, History, Hydrology, Marine Biology, Oceanography, Oceans, Physical Science, Recreation / Leisure / Tourism, Wilderness, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management
Media For Loan