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A view from Heather Lake.

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The program takes place at Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center and involves two separate activity stations and a ranger-led nature/geology walk. In the first activity, the Properties of Rocks, Students investigate individual rocks and observe the materials that make up different types of rocks. The second activity, A Miasma of Rock Sizes, students learn how scientists categorize rocks by different sizes in order to better understand how rocks interact with their surrounding environments. Following the morning activities, where classes of students rotate between each group and lunch, rangers will lead the students on the Cirque Rim trail in order to closely examine geology, subalpine ecology and introduce landforms.

The program is appoximately three hours in length and is typically offered in autumn.  


Dean Butterworth


Earth Science, Geography, Geology, Glaciers, Physical Science
National/State Standards:
Washington State Standards
2-3 INQA, 2-3 INQB
2-3 INQF
Physical Science – Matter, Properties and Change:
2-3 PS2-A, 2-3 PS2B
Field Trips