Sample Format of Justification Memo

****This is the memo format that should be used for all NPS employees who are travelling internationally (including Canada)****





To:          Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Through:  Deputy Director, National Park Service
               Chief, Office of International Affairs, National Park Service

From:      Superintendent/Supervisor/Division Chief (WASO Only)

Subject:   Travel to (Name of Country(ies) by (Name of NPS employees)

The Body of the memorandum should contain a brief synopsis of the travel and should address specifically as many of the following "Evaluation Factors for International Travel Requests" as possible:

* Established relationship with a country or organization; usually, a formal agreement

* Demonstrable results

* Significant potential for capacity building in the country/organization

* Urgent and compelling need

* Shared natural or cultural features

* Issues of common concern

* Important to U.S. foreign policy

* Potential for effective follow-through

* Discernible benefits to U.S. parks and the NPS

* Cost-effective

* Cost-sharing with another country or partner(s)

* Is NPS the best agency for the project?


I concur:______________________________________________ Date:_____________

Regional Director or Associate Director (WASO Only)

I do not concur:_________________________________________ Date:_____________

Regional Director or Associate Director (WASO Only)