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Around the World with the NPS

The National Park Service conducts international technical assistance projects around the globe. Its overseas technical missions, demonstrates the full-range commitment of the Park Service in its contributions to global environmental conservation. The National Park Service's most successful exchange products and programs have been park planning assistance; program evaluation assistance; international training programs, including interpretive skills training; and conferences, workshops, and symposia.

Congress and successive administrations have indicated that investments in U.S. national parks for preservation of wildlife values are incomplete unless we also invest in assuring that critical habitat is effectively protected in other countries to, and from, which the wildlife migrates. For example, money and time invested in training park rangers in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are an investment to assure the preservation of park wildlife in NPS sites such as Everglades NP. The international mission statement adopted by the Park Service implies strong initiatives with our border nations. As a result, the Service cooperates with all of the U.S. border neighbors, including the Caribbean nations, Mexico, Canada, and the Russian Federation.

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