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Meeting with Chinese Park Officials

The NPS Office of International Affairs has been working to increase environmental and cultural awareness throughout the world since 1962. Check out this page to learn more About Us. Or click the link below to see what we're working on.
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NPS Office of International Affairs: About Us

"The 'national park idea,' spawned and nutured with the creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, has contributed to the creation of over 1,200 national parks and equivalent reserves worldwide. They have referred to as 'Yellowstone's children.' It is not surprising then that many nations turn to the U.S. for advice and assistance on park planning and management and that park staff from around the world come in a regular flow to observe park operations in the U.S. and discuss problems of mutual interest... it is reportedly impossible for the National Park Service to keep up with the demand for American expertise." -"National Parks in the World Community," Parks and Recreation Magazine, 1973

Since that article was written, the number of parks and protected areas globally has swelled to more than 100,000 sites. The National Park Service is recognized by the international community as a leader for its excellence in protecting and preserving America's heritage. In this leadership role, the Park Service has shared its diverse and varied talents, expertise, and experiences in mutually beneficial international partnerships. These partnerships are created to establish, sustain and strengthen parks, heritage sites, and other types of protected areas, both domestically and internationally.


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Last Updated: April, 2014