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Arborist Training Program
Wildland Fire Fuel Reduction in Cultural Landscapes, Yellowstone National Park

As part of the Arborist Training Program, the Olmsted Center and Yellowstone National Park collaborated to complete a field project to reduce the hazards of forest fires in cultural landscapes. The project effectively integrated wildland fire management and preservation objectives to protect park resources from the threat of fire, preserve historic character, and provide training to project participants in tree care operations.

The collaborative project selectively removed around 138 trees, mainly lodge pole pine, within a 150-foot radius of a patrol cabin in the Winter Creek area of Yellowstone National Park, leaving clumps of spruce to maintain the character of the cultural landscape. Methods were used to limit the impact of tree removal, including the utilization of a team of horses to remove felled trees.



(Photo) Fuel reduction and tree-felling training project at Winter Creek patrol cabin in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming