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Landscape Preservation Maintenance Plan
Weir Farm National Historic Site

The cultural landscape report for Weir Farm National Historic Site documents the site's landscape history, analyzes its significance, and provides management recommendations that will preserve the property's historic character. Building on the extensive historic documentation and overall preservation objectives provided in the cultural landscape report, a preservation maintenance plan was prepared to assist park managers with developing and implementing a maintenance program that protects significant historic features and the character of the cultural landscape.

The preservation maintenance plan is organized into two sections. The first, Feature Inventory and Information, is a detailed reference that provides specific information, such as management objectives and preservation maintenance needs on individual elements of the landscape. The second, Operations Manual and Maintenance Records, provides calendars for planning and implementing maintenance operations, technical information for guiding field preservation practice, and a record-keeping system to document work completed and changes in landscape condition over time.

The plan is designed to be expanded and updated as new information becomes available and as preservation maintenance theories, principles, and practices are field-tested and improved. Because of this flexibility, the plan can remain an effective tool for Weir Farm National Historic Site to successfully integrate landscape preservation objectives with maintenance operations.



Weir Farm National Historic Site

(Photo) Inspecting historic vegetation for preservation maintenance needs at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Wilton, Connecticut