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Historic Trails Rehabilitation and Training
Valley Forge National Historical Park

Valley Forge National Historical Park requested Olmsted Center assistance to assess the condition of approximately thirty miles of unpaved trails throughout the park. The purpose of the assessment was to identify stabilization needs and provide recommendations for improving the condition of the park's highly used trail system. The report documents the existing conditions and provides recommendations for halting deterioration caused by over-use, deferred maintenance, and age to improve the condition of the landscape.

Based on the report's recommendations, the Olmsted Center, in collaboration with Acadia National Park, completed a week-long trails rehabilitation project which included trails maintenance training. The intent of the project was to provide hands-on training to park staff and project participants while addressing high priority needs for trails stabilization of the Valley Forge historic trails system. A multi-park team of landscape preservation maintenance professionals installed swales, log checks, and log water bars to eliminate drainage problems and improve the condition of over 300 feet of historic trails.



(Photo) Historic trails rehabilitation at Valley Forge National Historical Park, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania