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The Olmsted Center provides a full range of technical assistance to historic properties in cultural landscape research, planning and stewardship, leading to a wide variety of project types, including cultural landscape reports, cultural landscape inventories, preservation maintenance and management plans, and historic inventories, just to name a few. The following project descriptions illustrate the variety and complexity of the Olmsted Center 's work.

Olmsted Center Library Holdings (pdf)

Cultural Landscape Reports

•  Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston National Historical Park

•  Angel Island Immigration Station, California Department of Parks and Recreation, Golden Gate National Recreation Area

•  Weir Farm National Historic Site

•  John Muir National Historic Site

•  North Bridge, Minute Man National Historical Park


Cultural Landscape Inventories

•  Governors Island National Monument

•  Thurmond Historic District, New River Gorge National River


Landscape Stabilization and Maintenance Plans

•  Landscape Preservation Maintenance Plan, Weir Farm National Historic Site

•  Landscape Stabilization Plan, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

•  Orchard Management Plan, Morristown National Historical Park



•  Wildland Fire Fuel Load Reduction in Cultural Landscapes, Yellowstone National Park

•  Historic Trails Rehabilitation and Training, Valley Forge National Historical Park


(Photo) Thurmond Historic District in New River Gorge National River.