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Ongoing Projects

The Olmsted Center currently has several noteworthy projects that address diverse issues within the field of landscape preservation.

The Olmsted Center is working on a Cultural Landscape Report for the Historic Motor Road System at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. The CLR will present the developmental history of the motor roads, document existing landscape conditions, analyze its significance and integrity, and offer landscape treatment recommendations for future road rehabilitation projects over the entire 26.2-mile system. When completed, this project will complement a large volume of work at the park that includs a Cultural Landscape Report for the hiking trails; Cultural Landscape Inventories for the Schoodic Peninsula, Saint Croix Island, and Schoodic Naval Base; and several National Register projects.

Partnering with the Southeast Regional Office of the National Park Service, the Olmsted Center has begun a Cultural Landscape Report for San Cristòbal, part of the San Juan National Historic Site in Puerto Rico. This stunning park, which is a World Heritage Site, is dominated by massive fortifications dating to the sixteenth century. As part of the cultural landscape report, the Olmsted Center will research the evolution of the fortification's outworks, documenting the changes over time as the site shifted between Spanish, English, and finally American ownership.

The Olmsted Center is preparing a Land Use History for Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park, a new park added to the National Park System in 2002. The report documents changes in the pattern of field and forest, viewsheds, settlement patterns, and transportation corridors of the park and the surrounding area. This documentation of historic and existing landscape information was scoped to support an ongoing general management plan.

The Cultural Landscapes Inventory(CLI) has gone to a web based format, similar to the List of Classified Structures (LCS). The CLI is accessible to NPS staff through a login and password procedure allowing park staff to review a wealth of information including, but not limited to, history, significance, condition, and management of cultural landscapes eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.



Cultural Landscapes Inventory

(Photo) Outworks of San Cristòbal at San Juan National Historic Site, Puerto Rico