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Branching Out Youth Program

Branching Out: An Exploration in Landscape Management for City Youth provides young people with an overview of landscape management practices through educational workshops and hands-on field experiences. As participants progress through the program, they gain knowledge and field applicable skills. Branching Out offers summer work opportunities and a variety of learning experiences during the school year. Throughout the course of the program, participants work with program staff to explore opportunities for education and career placement.

Program Goals:

• Offer youth a sequenced curriculum in the field of landscape management

• Foster opportunities for participants to pursue employment and educational
pathways in the field of landscape management

• Provide facilities maintenance and resource management to national parks

• Expose participants to the National Park Service and associated sites

• Forge connections between youth and their community landscapes

Branching Out offers many opportunities for individuals with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Field Team members are introduced to the landscape management profession through educational workshops and hands-on work at national park sites throughout the Northeast Region. Park-based Internships are available for individuals with introductory knowledge of landscape management who are seeking to gain more experience by working along side National Park Service professionals during an 8-12 week career exploration. Advanced Placement Internships focus on program coordination, outdoor education, and landscape preservation planning and maintenance.



(Photo) Branching Out Program participants providing care to the historic Hopewell Furnace orchard in Elverson, Pennsylvania