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Arborist Training Program

The Arborist Training Program provides a field-based educational opportunity for National Park Service landscape maintenance employees to develop specialized skills in sustainable tree care. The program is designed to provide career development while building the capacity of parks and historic properties to maintain and preserve important landscapes. The curricula consists of phases that progress in complexity over a period of time.

The Arborist Training Program includes:

•  Classroom sessions that cover the scientific principles of arboriculture to introduce participants to tree biology, soil management, diagnostics, integrated pest management, tree nutrition, and fertilization

•  Field training projects that teach participants about climbing techniques, pruning, tree identification, equipment operation and safety, cabling, lightning protection systems, and pest identification

•  Home study assignments that reinforce both classroom and field training programs through reading and self-evaluation

Successful completion of the program prepares participants for professional certification through the International Society of Arboriculture. Participants from parks throughout the National Park Service have successfully completed the program with nearly 80 percent having gone on to acquire professional certification and assist as instructors in the program. This program is only available to current employees of the National Park Service. For more information on arboriculture, please visit the International Society of Arboriculture's website at




(Photo) Arborist Training Program participants at Boston National Historical Park in Boston, Massachusetts