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Locke and Walnut Grove: Havens for Early Asian Immigrants in California--Supplementary Resources

By looking at Locke and Walnut Grove, students can understand the experience of early Asian immigrants and the obstacles they encountered as they struggled to make a living and find a place in American society. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of materials.

Locke, California
Visit the town's website to find out more about the history of Locke and visitation information. Included on the site are details on some of the historic sites such as the Dai Loy Museum and a quick fact sheet outlining the history of Locke and its Asian community.

Walnut Grove, California
The Walnut Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Web page provides visiting information, a community profile of present-day Walnut Grove, and a history of the community. Included on the site is a walking tour of the town that details the historic sites of Walnut Grove.

National Park Service

  • The National Register of Historic Places' feature, Celebrating Asian-Pacific Heritage Month, showcases historic properties listed in the National Register and National Park units highlighting the rich heritage of Asian and Pacific peoples in America.

  • The National Parks History Web site offers an on-line book titled FIVE VIEWS: An Ethnic Historic Site Survey for California by the California Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Historic Preservation. This fabulous resource provides chapters on the history of Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans in California. Topics covered include immigration, settlement, discrimination, and much more. Also, discover what National Parks are associated with Asian American Ethnic Heritage on the History Web site feature titled, "Historical Themes in America."

Library of Congress
Search the Library of Congress's American Memory Web page for their collection of materials on Locke, California from the Historic American Building Survey. Included is an extensive photograph collection documenting the architecture of Locke. Further searches on the American Memory Web page for information on Japanese Americans provides details of the evacuation and relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II.

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Search the National Archives and Records Administration for their collection of materials on Japanese Americans. Included is detailed information relating to the internment of Japanese Americans. Further searches on the NARA for information on Chinese Americans reveals, among other things, a compilation of records titled "Chinese Immigration and Chinese in the United States."

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
The INS Web page provides a number of historical research tools including a "Legislative History 1790-Present," "Chinese Immigration Records," and "INS Facilities for the Detention and Internment of WWII Enemy Aliens."

Chinese American History
The class members of Asian American Studies 121, University of California, Berkeley, have assembled a time line outlining events in Chinese American history. Included in the time line is a link to the text of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act as well as many other legislative statutes that pertain to Chinese American history.


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