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Visual Evidence

Photo 1: A traditional Hispano house. [Photo 1] with link to larger version of photo.
(Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, Jesse Nusbaum, photographer)

Illustration 1: Plan of a traditional Hispano house. [Illustration 1] with link to larger version of illustration.
(Historic American Building Survey)

Illustration 1 shows the plan of the Martinez house near Taos, on the east side of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The earliest part of the house probably dates to about 1800.

Questions for Photo 1 and Illustration 1

1. Review Reading 2. What features of the traditional house can you find in the photo and the illustration? Can you identify any features that would not have been found on early houses?

2. The walls of both houses are made of adobe. Use the scale on Illustration 1 to estimate how thick the walls are. What advantages do you think walls like this might have? What disadvantages?

3. Describe the windows on these houses. Why do you think they were built that way?

4. Find the original part of the house on Illustration 1. The rest of house was added by 1828. There were originally no windows on the exterior walls of the house and the only entrance was through the double doors leading into the courtyard. Why do you think the house was planned the way it was?

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