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The Hispano Ranchos of Northern New Mexico:
Continuity and Change--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at The Hispano Ranchos of Northern New Mexico: Continuity and Change , students will understand how traditional cultures are able to assimilate new influences without losing their character. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

American Southwest Itinerary

The Discover Our Shared Heritage online travel itinerary on the American Southwest highlights over 58 historic places, including, Salinas Pueblo National Monument, teaching us about the contributions of the various people who settled this distinctive area. 

New Mexico History and Culture
The New Mexico Department of Tourism web page contains two useful essays on the history of the state and on Hispano culture.

400th Anniversary of the Colonization of New Mexico
In 1998, the public history program at New Mexico State University created a web page that includes a series of articles that chronicles the weekly progress of Don Juan de Oñate's expedition.

Hispano Music and Culture of the Northern Rio Grande
In 1940, a professor at Stanford set out to record traditional folk music and drama in northern New Mexico. The American Memory web site includes an excellent essay on Nuevo Mexicanos of the Upper Rio Grande valley, as well as audio versions of the music.

National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico
The National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico, located near Albuquerque, is developing a wide range of programs to present Hispanic arts and humanities in many forms.

Hispanic Folk Arts and the Environment Curriculum Guide
This on-line curriculum guide uses the themes of land, adobe, weaving, and food to help students understand how environmental and historical forces have shaped the folklife and folk art expressions of the Hispanic people of New Mexico.

Cornerstones Community Partnership
This organization is dedicated to preserving traditional building skills in New Mexico. Its web site includes images of adobe churches and other buildings in Northern New Mexico that have been restored, including San Rafael Church, associated with La Cueva.


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