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The Battle of Glorieta Pass: A Shattered Dream--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at The Battle of Glorieta Pass: A Shattered Dream, students will learn about the battle which ended the Confederacy's dream of expanding westward. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Pecos National Historical Park
The Pecos National Historical Park is a unit of the National Park System which preserves 12,000 years of history from pre-Columbian pueblos to a 20th century ranch, as well as the site of the Battle of Glorieta Pass.

Fort Union National Monument
Fort Union National Monument is a unit of the National Park System. Fort Union National Monument: An Administrative History explains the role of the fort before, during, and after the Civil War and is illustrated with historic photographs.

American Southwest--National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary
The American Southwest with its distinctive building traditions, its languages, religions, and foods, reflects the vitality of the Spanish, Mexican, Indian and Anglo cultures which formed its history and the Southwest we see today. This National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary highlights over 58 historic places, including Pecos National Historical Park, teaching us about the contributions of the various people who settled this distinctive area.

Civil War History Resources:
The American Battlefield Protection Program
The American Battlefield Protection Program, a division of the National Park Service, provides detailed on-line publications featuring different topics in the Civil War. Included is a battle summary of the Glorieta Pass battle.

National Park Service Civil War Website
Visit the official National Park Service Civil War Web Site. Offering the current generation of Americans an opportunity to know, discuss, and commemorate this country's greatest national crisis, while at the same time exploring its enduring relevance in the present, the website includes a variety of helpful features and links such as the About the Civil War page that offers a timeline and stories from various perspectives. Also included are links to Civil War Parks, NPS education programs, and much more.

Civil War Soldier and Sailors System
The National Park Service's Civil War Soldier and Sailors System is a database of service records to locate individual soldiers, find out about unit histories and battles, and locate Civil War battlefields, prisoner of war camps, and cemeteries administered by the National Park Service. Tour the "Camp Life" exhibit to understand army life better.

The Valley of the Shadow:
Two Communities in the American Civil War

The Virginia Center for Digital History Valley of the Shadow project is an archive of thousands of primary source documents, including letters, newspapers, diaries, photographs, maps, church records, census records, military records, and reports pertaining to two communities, Augusta County, Virginia and Franklin County, Pennsylvania.

The United States Civil War Center
The Civil War Center has two primary goals: to locate, index, and/or make available all appropriate private and public data regarding the Civil War; and to promote the study of the Civil War from the perspectives of all professions, occupations, and academic disciplines. As part of this mission it has compiled a list of more than 2,100 web resources related to the war.

Library of Congress
The Library of Congress created a selected Civil War photographic history in their "American Memory" collection. Included on the site is a photographic time line of the Civil War covering major events for each year of the war.


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