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Photo 3: Bombing of U.S. carrier Yorktown, 1942. [Photo 3] with link to larger version of Photo.
(National Archives and Records Administration)

Aircraft carriers were a new and untried weapon at the beginning of the war. Both the Japanese and American navies saw their big, heavily armed battleships as their primary offensive weapon. Because so many American battleships were lost on December 7, Admiral Nimitz was more or less forced to rely on his carriers, which were not at Pearl Harbor.

Questions for Photo 3

1. The carriers whose aircraft determined the outcome of the Battle of Midway were located hundreds of miles away from each other. What effect do you think that might have had on the battle?

2. Do you think the loss of the Yorktown affected the outcome of the battle?

3. Does this photo help give you a better sense of what the battle was like? If so, how?

4. The Yorktown was sunk as it was being slowly towed towards Pearl Harbor for repairs. Why do you suppose the Americans went to so much effort to try to save the vessel?

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