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Map 2: Southern Los Angeles area showing Nieto land grant.
[Graphic] Map 2 with link to higher quality map.

In 1790, the king of Spain granted Manuel Nieto approximately 300,000 acres of land in Alta California. In response to a petition for more land by the nearby San Gabriel mission, Nieto's grant soon was reduced to 167,000 acres. In 1834, this land was divided into five ranchos (as indicated on Map 2) and divided among Nieto's children. Today, this area is occupied by most of the cities of Los Angeles County and northern Orange County. The Los Alamitos section includes the Rancho Los Alamitos dwelling and gardens.

Questions for Map 2

1. Carefully study Map 2 and then try to find the approximate location of the Nieto land grant on Map 1. What clues helped you determine this location?

2. How does Map 2 help you to understand the extent of the Nieto land grant? Why did the Spanish king award land grants? What might this indicate about the Spanish population of Alta California at the time?

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