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Document 1: "To All Persons of Japanese Ancestry".

Document 1

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Questions for Reading 2

1. How would you feel if you saw a notice like this posted in your neighborhood and referring to you or your friends?

2. What services will the Civil Control Station provide? How expensive would it be for the government to provide these things for the 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry living on the West Coast? Do you think cost would have been an issue at the time? Why or why not? Could the government have spent the money in a different way to solve the same problem?

3. What could people take with them? Why do you think restrictions were placed on the quantity of goods they could bring?

4. How much time were people given to prepare for relocation--sell their houses, businesses, and farms, pack their belongings, and so forth? How long would it take your family to do this?

5. The instructions say that the government will provide for storage of household items left behind "at the sole risk of the owner." What does that mean? If you were being relocated, would you leave your things to be stored? Why or why not?

6. Do you think the government wanted to help Japanese aliens and Japanese-Americans prepare for the relocation? Do you think they should have done so? Discuss.

Reading 2 was excerpted from "Manzanar Feasibility Study" (Sacramento, CA: State of California, 1974), n.p., National Historic Landmark files, National Park Service.


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