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Drawing 2: Conjectured first floor plan of the Bellamy House, circa 1760. [Drawing 2] with link to larger version of drawing.
(Russel Wright)

Drawing 3: Modern floor plan of the Bellamy-Ferriday House. [Drawing 3] with link to larger version of drawing.
(Russel Wright)

Photo 1: The Bellamy-Ferriday House. [Photo 1] with link to larger version of photo.
(Ferriday Collection, The Bellamy-Ferriday House and Garden Archives)

Reverend Bellamy's house remained in his family until 1868. In the 1880s, the Hull family added bay windows and a porch. In 1912, Henry McKeen Ferriday purchased the property as a summer home. He added a service wing with kitchen, pantry, and servants' rooms. His daughter, Shakespearean actress Caroline Ferriday, began the restoration of the home to its 18th-century appearance and conducted extensive research to document the historical Joseph Bellamy. Today the property is operated as a historic house museum and garden.

Questions for Photo 1 and Drawings 2 & 3

1. Based on Photo 1, how would you describe the Bellamy-Ferriday House? Why do you think Caroline Ferriday wanted to restore the house to its 18th-century appearance? How is the house used today?

2. Study Photo 1 and then try to match the photo to the floor plans in Drawings 2 and 3.

3. Use the scale on Drawing 2 to calculate the square footage of the original first floor of the Bellamy house. How might these rooms have been used during Bellamy's residence?

4. Locate the additions made by the Hull and Ferriday families. Did their additions change the square footage of the first floor? If so, use the scale from Drawing 2 to calculate the amount of new square footage added in Drawing 3.

5. What original features of Reverend Bellamy's house disappeared or were hidden because of the changes made by the Hull and Ferriday families?

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