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Locating the Site

Map 2: Mount Auburn Cemetery, 1847.[Map 2] with link to larger version of Map 2.
(From James Smillie's Mount Auburn Illustrated in Finely Drawn Line Engravings. Courtesy of Mount Auburn Cemetery.)

The roads and paths of Mount Auburn Cemetery were laid out in a pattern designed to complement the natural, picturesque beauty of the rugged, wooded site. Early monuments were scattered widely throughout the rather dense, native forest growth, in stark contrast to the barren, flat, unplanted burying grounds of the inner city.

Questions for Map 2

1. Based on the map, what features made Mount Auburn Cemetery such a desirable place to visit? What might the shaded areas represent?

2. If you were standing on the top of the hill labeled "Mount Auburn" in the southern section of the site, what would be the shortest path to reach the Entrance at the far north edge of the site?

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