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The Battle of Oriskany: "Blood Shed a Stream Running Down"--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at The Battle of Oriskany: "Blood Shed a Stream Running Down," students learn how the Battle of Oriskany and the Mohawk Valley Civil War effected the Revolutionary War as a whole as well as the subsequent history of the region. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

National Park Service Resources:
Fort Stanwix National Monument
Fort Stanwix National Monument is a unit of the National Park Service. The park's Web pages detail the history of the park, supply visitor information, and offer a set of 4th grade lesson plans.

Lighting Freedom's Flame: American Revolution Web Page
The National Park Service maintains it own American Revolution Web page, which provides a listing of the park units with connections to the Revolutionary War and colonial America, information on special activities in the parks celebrating the 225th anniversary of the war, and a timeline of events in the pivotal year of the American Revolution, 1777.

The American Battlefield Protection Program
The National Park Service's American Battlefield Protection Program promotes the preservation of significant historic battlefields associated with wars on American soil. The program's Web page provides detailed on­line publications featuring different topics about the American Revolution.

Historic Places of America’s Diverse Culture
The National Register of Historic Places online itinerary Places Reflecting America’s Diverse Cultures highlights the historic places and stories of America’s diverse cultural heritage.  This itinerary seeks to share the contributions various peoples have made in creating American culture and history.

Other Resources:
Colonial Albany Social History Project
This Web site includes information on the leaders and common people of Albany at the eve of the Revolutionary War. It contains biographical information about Tories and Rebels, and transcriptions of documents such as the Sons of Liberty Constitution.

The Oneida Nation
The Oneida Indian Nation's Web site includes a Culture and History segment that examines the role of individual Oneidas, such as George Washington's cook, Polly Cooper, and the tribe as a whole during the American Revolution. Also included on the site is the text of the Treaty of Fort Stanwix and information on the Oneidas' role in the Battle of Oriskany.

Library of Congress
For a variety of resources on the American Revolution, Fort Stanwix, and the Battle of Oriskany, search the Library of Congress's American Memory collection.


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