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Map 3: The British Northern Campaign of 1777.[Map 3] with link to larger version of map.
(Courtesy of Robert Scott)

For centuries the Iroquois, French, Dutch, British, and American-born colonists all prospered from the trade through the Mohawk Valley. During the Revolutionary War this important transportation route and source of food became a military prize in the battle for control of New York and Britain's North American colonies.

Questions for Map 3

1. What geographical features aided Burgoyne's invasion from Canada? What geographical features aided Howe's invasion from New York City? What geographical features aided St. Leger's invasion from Canada? Refer to Map 1 to identify what obstacles the British were attempting to avoid.

2. Which of the three British forces most closely followed the trade route along the Oneida Carry?

3. Locate Fort Stanwix (Schuyler) on the maps. The Oriskany Battlefield is located 6 miles east of the fort on the south side of the Mohawk River. Why do you think there was a battle here?

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