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Cartoon 1: Views of Women's Roles
from a Woman's Perspective.

[Graphic] Cartoon 1 with link to higher quality image.
(Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College)

Elizabeth M'Clintock drew these cartoons as part of her response to the rejection of her application to work at Edward Davis's silk business. The writing below the bottom cartoon on the left says, "Stop miss, give me a chance at the covey." The "N.Y. Digest" was a reference book that collected important court cases.

1. What jobs or skills do these cartoons show women performing? Why do you think Elizabeth chose to draw these scenes? What point do you think she wanted to make?

2. How would you describe the clothing the women are wearing? Why do you think Elizabeth did not have them dress more like men?

3. Do you think these images would have changed the minds of people in the middle of the 19th century? Why or why not?

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