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The following activities will help students better understand the impact the activities that took place in the M'Clintock House had in the development of women's rights. Students also will have the opportunity to learn about the contributions of important women in their community's history.

Activity 1: Social Reform
The M'Clintocks were involved in a number of reform movements. Have students use their textbooks or other resources to list some of the social problems that Americans faced in the 19th century. Ask students to choose the one they are most interested in and research how reformers tried to improve conditions. Have them prepare a report that addresses who led the reform, their background, solutions proposed, methods used to promote change, degree of success, and what affected their efforts.

Activity 2: Women's Rights in Your Area
The people who met in Seneca Falls were not the only ones trying to increase the rights of women. In many other places across the U.S., both before and since 1848, women and men worked to give women equal standing in politics, business, law, and other aspects of society. Have students use old newspapers, information from the local historical society, and other sources to research an important event in their community that reflected the battle over women's rights. As they investigate, have them keep the following questions in mind: What was the issue? Who were the main participants? What were the primary arguments on both sides? Who ultimately triumphed? Why? Have students present their findings in a paper, an oral report, or another format that effectively tells their audience what happened and why.




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