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Photo 2: Representative Barn on Hornbek Homestead.

[Graphic] Photo 2 with link to higher quality photo. (Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument)

The National Park Service has moved buildings from nearby sites to represent some of the original outbuildings on Hornbek's homestead which no longer remain. The building in this photo, which was constructed in 1890, was the home of the Del Johnson family for many years and is typical of homestead houses of that time. When they became better established, the family converted their original homestead house into a barn. The building was moved to its present location to represent Hornbek's chicken and small livestock barn. This structure is small enough to fit in the downstairs bedroom of the Hornbek house.

1. How does the Johnson cabin compare to the Hornbek house in size and design?

2. What does this indicate about Hornbek's financial status when she came to the Florissant area?

3. What does this indicate about the lifestyle of the typical homesteader? Keep in mind that this house was built over a decade after Adeline Hornbek settled in the area.

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