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Adeline Hornbek--Supplementary Resources

Adeline Hornbek and the Homestead Act: A Colorado Success Story provides a look at one woman pioneer who braved the Western frontier. Below are materials for further exploration of the experiences of women who traveled West.

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
The Hornbek Homestead is one part of this unit of the National Park Service. The park's web pages focus on the the natural history of the area, including photographs of 35 million year old fossils and information about environmental education.

National Archives
The Archives has placed on its web site a number of items about Western Expansion, including copies of the original Homestead Act and original maps of western areas that were being settled. To find them, use the NARA search engine.

Library of Congress
The American Memory collection offers a wide variety of resources, including photographs and first-hand narratives, about the history of women in West. Start with Women Pioneers in American History, which tells the stories of different women who headed West and provides information about using their search engine.

West Web
Professor Catherine Lavender of the College of Staten Island-CUNY web site provides a collection of resources about the West. Making It Their Own: Women in the West includes primary documents, biographies, photographs, references for teachers and students, and provides links to many other related sites.

Godey's Lady's Book
The University of Rochester offers on-line copies of Godey's Magazine which, as Reading 2 shows, reinforced the view that a woman's proper role was in the home.


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