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Determining the Facts

Transcript: Union Pacific Advertisement, 1924

Zion National Park
Grand Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park
The Cedar Breaks
Kaibab National Forest

In one five-day tour of this far-flung frontier region you explore stupendous canyons, sublime in form, exquisite in color; vast chasms filled with painted architecture from all the ages and peopled with lifelike statues vivid with ever-changing colors. It is America's newest most colorful vacation-land.

And you cross prismatic plains where wild mustangs range, traverse stately forests filled with deer and other wild life, visit quaint Mormon villages.

It requires only five days for the complete tour after leaving your Pullman at Cedar City, Utah, the gateway; shorter tours to individual regions are available.

You stay in handsome, modern lodges with de luxe accommodations; travel in big, easy riding motor-buses. All facilities are approved by the National Park Service of the United States Government. There are miles of scenic horseback trails. The summer climate is delightful. You will meet interesting people from all parts of the world on America's greatest combination scenic tour.

The following pages give accurate descriptions of the region, and rates for the accommodations for the visitor. Ask any Union Pacific Representative shown on page 55 for railroad and Pullman fares and train service.

(Union Pacific Museum Collection)

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