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Drawing 1: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1766.
[Graphic] Drawing 1 with link to higher quality drawing.
(Original housed at the Moravian Archives, Herrnhut, Germany)

1. Gasthoff (Sun Inn 1758) 25. Led Bruderhaus (Single Brothers’ House)
2. Plantage (Farm) 26. Schaafs (Schaaf’s House)
3. Cunklers (Cukler House) 27. Schreinerey (Cabinet maker)
4. Wagnery (Cartwright House) 28. Topferey (Potter, Tinsmith 1750)
5. Loden (Store) 29. Schlosserey u Schmeide (Locksmith 1743,
6. Boempere (First Store 1753) Blacksmith 1761)
7. Horffields (Horsefield House 1749) 30. Nagelschmiede (Nailsmith 1750)
8. Goettes Acker (God’s Acre) 31. Familienhaus
9. Ant Schmids (Anton Schmidts House 1750s) 32. Markthaeusgen (Small Market Buildings)
10. Casp Fischers (Caspar Fischer’s House) 33. Wasserwerk (Waterworks 1754, 1761)
11. Hirts (Hirte House) 34. Ochlmuhle (Oil Mill 1745, 1763)
12. Okeleys (Okely House) 35. Weissgerberey (Tannery 1743, 1761)
13. Schobers (Schober House) 36. Lohgerberey (Tawer’s Shop)
14. Boeckerey (Bakery) 37. Springhaus (Spring House)
15. Ths. Fischers (Thomas Fischer’s House) 38. Fleischerey (Slaughter House)
16. Langens (Langen House) 39. Seifensiederey (Soap Boiling House)
17. Kinder-Anstall (Children’s Boarding School) 40. Farberey (Dye Works)
18. Apotheque (Apothecary Shop 1752) 41. Mohl u Walkmuhle (Grist and Fulling Mill 1743)
19. Familienhaus (Family House) 42. Zur Weissgerberey (To the Tannery)
20. Wasser Thurm (Water Tower) 43. Zur Walkmuhle (To the Fulling Mill)
21. Familienhaus 45. Flachshaus (Flax House)
22. Gemeinhaus (Community Building 1742) 51. Burgergarten (Citizen’s Garden)
23. Led Schwesternhaus (Single Sisters’ House) 52. Manakesy (Monocacy Creek)
24. Modgenhaus (Bell House 1746; 53. Lecha (Lehigh River)
extensions 1748, 1749) 54. Obstgarten (Orchards)

The original Bethlehem settlement was located in the present day historic district of Bethlehem at the junction of the Monocacy Creek and the Lehigh River in Northampton County.

Questions for Drawing 1

1. Locate the industrial and commercial district, the church buildings, choir buildings, and other community structures. Discuss the location of these buildings in terms of their function and relationship to the development of the town.

2. Locate Monocacy Creek. Why do you think industrial buildings were located nearby?

3. List some of the crafts and industries found in the town and describe the purpose of each.

* The image on this screen has a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), and therefore will print poorly. You can obtain a high quality version of Drawing 1, but be aware that the file may take as much as 90 seconds to load with a 28.8K modem.



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