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An African-American One-Room School--Supplementary Resources

Iron Hill School: An African-American One-Room School examines three important aspects of the history of American education: philanthropy, one-room schools and racial segregation. Below are materials for further exploration of topics the lesson considers.

Rosenwald Schools
Other philanthropists joined Pierre S. du Pont in improving education for African Americans. One of the most notable was Julius Rosenwald; his contributions across a series of states can be discovered by going to a search engine and typing "Rosenwald school." One of the best sites comes from North Carolina, where the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Historic Landmarks Commission examines the history of Rosenwald schools in that part of North Carolina.

Library of Congress
The American Memory collection offers a wide variety of resources about the history of one-room schools, including photographs and oral histories of people who attended them. Start with the search engine, being sure to choose "Match this exact phrase" before you enter "one room school."

We Shall Overcome
To learn more about the Civil Rights Movement visit We Shall Overcome. This web page provides a detailed history of the movement and the national historic sites associated with civil rights.

Greensboro Sit-Ins Timeline of Selected Events
The News-Record.com web page provides a timeline of selected events of the Greensboro Sit-Ins.


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