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Inquiry Question

Historical Context





Table of

Curriculum Standards for Social Studies
National Council for the Social Studies

Little Kinnakeet Lifesaving Station: Home to Unsung Heroes
relates to the following Social Studies Standards:

    Theme III: People, Places, and Environment

  • Standard F - The student describes physical system changes such as seasons, climate and weather, and the water cycle and identify geographic patterns associated with them.
  • Standard J - The student observes and speculates about social and economic effects of environmental changes and crises resulting from phenomena such as floods, storms, and drought.

    Theme VI: Power, Authority, and Governance

  • Standard C - The student analyzes and explains ideas and governmental mechanisms to meet needs and wants of citizens, regulate territory, manage conflict, and establish order and security.

    Theme IX: Global Connections

  • Standard C - The student analyzes examples of conflict, cooperation, and interdependence among groups, societies, and actions.


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