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Photo 5: Ascending the Golden Stairs up to Chilkoot Pass on the Chilkoot Trail, 1897.
[Graphic] Photo 5 with link to higher quality photo.

(Library of Congress)

A stampeder might spend an entire day getting his gear to the top of this hill because he could only haul a portion of the heavy load at one time. He would have to store a load at the top and then retrace his steps to pick up another load. It often took many such trips before the miner was ready to start down the other side of the Chilkoot Pass.

Questions for Photo 5

1. Locate the Chilkoot Pass on Map 1.

2. What are some of the goods that these miners might be carrying on their backs?

3. What conditions did these stampeders face?

4. What do the men to the left of the trail appear to be doing?

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