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Map 2: Seattle's Pioneer Square today.
[Graphic] Map 2 with link to higher quality map.
(National Park Service)

Building name, date constructed, use during gold rush:
1. Union Trust Annex, 1902
2. Union Trust Building, c. 1893
3. State Building, 1890, a wholesale and retail grocer
4. Cadillac Hotel, 1890
5. Squire-Latimer Building, 1889, Grand Central Hotel
6. The Globe Building, 1898, Globe Hotel
7. Nord Building, 1890, store for hardware, wagons and farm implements
8. Maud Building, 1889, a hotel
9. Matilda Winehill Block, 1889, Alaska Commercial Hotel
10. New England Building, 1889, New England Hotel
11. Maynard Building, 1890, housed various businesses
12. Delmar Building, 1895, State Hotel
13. Terry-Denny Building, c.1895, Great Northern Hotel
14. Lippy Building, 1900
(Built by Thomas Lippy who became rich
in the Klondike)
15. Schwabacher Building, 1890, hardware store
16. Yesler Building, 1890
17. Olympic Block, 1890, Cooper & Levy
Outfitters, Olympic Hotel & RR ticket office
18. Merchant's Cafe, 1889
19. Korn Building, 1890
20. Interurban Building, 1890
21. Metropole Building, 1895, drug store
22. Collins Block, 1893
23. Butler Block, 1890, Butler Hotel
24. Pioneer Building, 1892, housed various
mining firms
25. Lowman Building, 1900
26. Mutual Life Building, 1897
27. Post Hotel, 1893

In 1889, Pioneer Square, the area of Seattle's original settlement, was destroyed by fire. Businesses quickly rebuilt, this time with fireproof buildings of stone and brick. By 1897, Pioneer Square was again the commercial and social center of Seattle.

Questions for Map 2

1. According to Map 2, how many hotels were operating during the gold rush?

2. What other businesses were dedicated to the needs of stampeders?

3. What do you notice about the construction dates of these buildings?

4. What evidence on the map (and key) indicates Seattle's role as a transportation center?

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