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Map 1: Routes from Seattle to the
Klondike gold fields.
[Graphic] Map 1 with link to higher quality map.
(Reprinted with permission, Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

The "rich man's route" to the Klondike gold fields involved taking a ship to the mouth of the Yukon River in western Alaska and navigating a boat more than 2,000 miles up the river to the gold fields. The "poor man's route" involved taking a ship to Skagway or Dyea in southern Alaska, climbing over mountains on foot, and building a boat to navigate 500 miles down the Yukon River.

Questions for Map 1

1. Identify the boundaries of the United States and Canada.

2. Locate Seattle, Washington; Skagway, Alaska; and Dawson, Yukon Territory (the town closest to the gold fields).

3. Trace the "rich man's route" to the Klondike region from Seattle and then the "poor-man's route." What appear to be the advantages and disadvantages of each route?

4. Why was Seattle a likely place for Americans to depart for the gold fields?

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