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Locating the Site

Map 1: Creek Country, 1777-1814.
[Graphic] Map 1 with link to higher quality map.
(Courtesy of the Alabama Archeological Society. Map by James McKinley)

Before answering the questions, locate Georgia and Alabama on a general map of the United States.

Questions for Map 1

1. Use Map 1 to make a list of towns and waterways that have Indian names and a second list of places that have European names. Be aware that Peter McQueen's is actually an Indian town, one named after a Creek trader who had an English father.

2. What do the major Creek sites have in common? Why might the Creek have been chosen these sites for settlements?

3. How are the European sites located in relation to the Creek ones? Why do you think this might have been so?

4. Find and underline Burnt Corn Creek, Pensacola, Mobile, Ft. Mims, Ft. Jackson, Horseshoe Bend, and the Tallapoosa and Coosa Rivers. Each of these places was important in the events associated with the Battle of Horseshoe Bend.

* The map on the screen has a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi), and therefore will print poorly. You can obtain a high quality version of the map, but be aware that the file will take as much as two minutes to load with a 28.8K modem.




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