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Document 1: Job Application
and Completion Record
[Graphic] Document 1 with link to higher quality document.

Text-only version of Document 1.

This record provided an estimation of labor and materials required for the construction of specific buildings within the camp. Data from this form provided an accurate accounting of man-hours and funds expended on the project.

Questions for Document 1

1. What building does the job application pertain to?

2. What is being requested in the application?

3. Workers were contracted for six months. This was considered a "period." How many months did it take to complete the Administration Building?

4. What was the cost of materials for the Administration Building? The labor cost? What percentage of the cost of construction was for materials? for labor?

5. How much did skilled, intermediate, and unskilled laborers make per hour? If the unskilled workers were earning today’s minimum wage, how much would the intermediate and skilled workers make if they earned amounts proportionate to the salaries earned in the 1930s?

6. Organized groups paid $.25 per camper per night to rent Camp Misty Mount. How long would an unskilled worker have to work in order to pay for a five-night stay? If that worker was paid today’s minimum wage and had to work the same amount of time to pay for lodging, how much would it cost per camper per night? The actual fee for a four-person cabin in 1999 was $40.00 per night. Was the camp more or less affordable in the 1930s?

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