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Transcript: Advertisement for Chatham in Fredericksburg News, October 20, 1857.

Public Sale

The undersigned, special Commissioners, of the Circuit Court of Stafford, will offer for sale at public auction, on the premises, (unless the REAL ESTATE be sold at private sale,) on TUESDAY the 10th day of NOVEMBER next, if fair, otherwise, the first fair day thereafter, the real estate, the plate, and the household and kitchen furniture, belonging to the estate of the late Judge John Coalter.

This estate, the residence of the late Judge Coalter, known as Chatham, contains about SEVEN HUNDRED AND TWELVE ACRES, lies on the Rappahannok river immediately opposite the town of Fredericksburg--extends up to the village of Falmouth, and communicates with Fredericksburg by a toll-bridge which the owner of the estate has a perpetual right to use, TOLL FREE, for all family and farming purposes. The soil is productive and improvable.--The meadow and table lands of superior quality.

The site of the House is strikingly beautiful, with a Garden finely cultivated, and ornamented with very extensive terraces. The dwelling is of brick, in good repair, and has ten spacious rooms. There are also all necessary out houses, farm buildings, and a valuable GRIST MILL, within a quarter of a mile of the town, on this estate.

There are also two good FISHERIES, from one of which an abundant supply of Herring and Shad for the farm are annually taken, and the other is readily rented out.

The advantages of every kind, which the owner of this handsome residence and valuable farm will enjoy, are obvious, and will be readily appreciated by any one visiting the estate.

The Real Estate, unless previously sold at private sale, will be offered at 10 o'clock in the morning, on the day of sale.

The terms of sale are as follows:

For the Real Estate, ten per cent of the purchase money in Cash, and the residue in three equal payments, at six, twelve and twenty four months from the day of sale; and after the sale is confirmed by the court, a deed of trust on the said realty to be executed to secure the deferred payments, for which bonds with good personal security will be required at the sale.

For the personal property--all sums of twenty five dollars and under, Cash--from twenty-five to fifty dollars on a credit of sixty days--over fifty and to one hundred dollars, on a credit of four months--and one hundred dollars and over that amount, on a credit of six months, on bonds with good security.

At the same time and place, and on the usual terms, the Executor of the late occupant of the estate, will sell the
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Sheep, Hogs,
Crop of Corn,
A large supply of Fodder and wheat straw, and all the FARMING IMPLEMENTS, &e.

Persons desiring to purchase the Estate are referred to Messrs. FITZHUGH & LITTLE. Attorneys at Law of Fredericksburg, Virginia.


October 8, 1857--ts.

(Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park)


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