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The Frankish Building -- Supplementary Resources

The Frankish Building: A Reflection of the Success of Ontario, California relates how a local landmark represented the prosperity of one developing city. Below are additional resources for topics discussed in this lesson.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce
The Ontario Chamber of Commerce provides a modern-day glimpse of this California city, including tourist information and a look at the buildings which symbolize its current success.

City of Ontario
The City of Ontario includes information on Ontario's government, GIS maps, additional links, and a searchable database.

Society of Architectural Historians--Southern California Chapter
The Society of Architectural Historians Southern California Chapter website offers related links concerning the architecture of Southern California.

Josyln Art Museum
The Joslyn Art Museum website contains additional resources for educators.

The National Trust For Historic Preservation
The National Trust For Historic Preservation offers related architectural links and maintains the Main Street Center, a program committed to the downtown revitalization of cities across the country.


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