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Visual Evidence

Photo 2: The house at Lock 38, c. 1875. [Photo 2] with link to higher quality photo.
(Cuyahoga Valley National Park)

Photo 3: Modern view of the house at Lock 38. [Photo 3] with link to higher quality photo.
(Cuyahoga Valley National Park)

For years the building was improperly called the Lock Tenderís House. Through archeological evidence and historical research, scholars now know that the building was constructed in two stages, the first in the 1820s and the second during the 1850s. At different times the building was used as a tavern, store, and dance hall and was known at one time as "Hellís Half Acre."

Questions for Photo 2 & 3

1. Why do you think such businesses grew up along the canal, especially at the locks?

2. Photo 3 shows the same building which has been restored and now serves as the Canal Visitor Center for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Would you have chosen this use for the building if you had been one of the planners for the park? Why or why not?

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