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United States History Standards for Grades 5-12

When Rice Was King relates to the following National Standards for History:

    Era 2: Colonization and Settlement (1585 to 1763)

  • Standard 2C- The student understands social and cultural change in British America.
  • Standard 3A- The student understands colonial economic life and labor systems in the Americas.
  • Standard 3B- The student understands economic life and the development of labor systems in the English colonies.
  • Standard 3C- The student understands African life under slavery.

    Era 4: Expansion and Reform (1801 to 1861)

  • Standard 2D- The student understands the rapid growth of "the peculiar institution" after 1800 and the varied experiences of African Americans under slavery.
  • Standard 3A- The student understands the changing character of American political life in "the age of the common man."

    Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction (1850 to 1877)

  • Standard 1A- The student understands how the North and South differed and how politics and ideologies led to the Civil War.
  • Standard 2A- The student understands how the resources of the Union and Confederacy affected the course of the war.


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