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Locating the Site

Map 2: Chicora Wood Plantation and
surrounding wetlands.

[Graphic] Map 4 with link to higher quality map.

Rice was first grown in inland swamps fed by streams. By the 1770s the introduction of a new method of cultivation, in river swamps fed by tides, had resulted in significant increases in quality and production. The Georgetown County area was particularly suited for the tidal swamp method of rice planting because of its intricate river system. Chicora Wood Plantation on the Pee Dee River, first established in the 1730s, was one of the most successful of Georgetown County's rice plantations.

Questions for Map 2

1) Using Map 2 as a reference, mark the approximate location of Chicora Wood Plantation on Map 1.

2) How does this map and the above caption add to your understanding of how rice plantations were situated and why Georgetown County was particularly appropriate for rice cultivation?

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