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Locating the Site

Map 1: Georgetown County, South Carolina.

[Graphic] Map 1 with link to higher quality map.
Historic Properties in Georgetown County
1. Pee Dee River Rice Planters' Historic District, including:
Hasty Point Rice Barn
Exchange Plantation
Rosebank Plantation House
Chicora Wood Plantation
Arundel Plantation
Dirleton Plantation House
2. Belle Island Rice Mill Chimney, Cat Island
3. Beneventum Plantation House

4. Fairfield Rice Mill Chimney
5. Keithfield Plantation
6. Milldam Rice Mill and Rice Barn
7. Nightingale Hall Rice Mill Chimney
8. Richmond Hill Plantation Archeological Sites
9. Rural Hall Plantation House
10. Weehaw Rice Mill Chimney

This map indicates the approximate locations of several historic properties associated with rice cultivation in Georgetown County, South Carolina.

Questions for Map 1

1) What do the locations of these rice plantations have in common? Can you surmise from this why Georgetown County was a likely place to become a major producer of rice?

2) What physical evidence of rice culture remains today? How might this evidence help us understand the growth and development of rice culture in Georgetown County? How might additional information be obtained?

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