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Map 1: Iowa and Surrounding States.
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Herbert Hoover's adult life reflected the values he learned during his childhood in West Branch, Iowa, a small farming community on the rolling hills of the prairie. Founded in 1850 by Quakers, the town had a population of 350 by the time Hoover was born in 1874. By 1880 more than 500 people lived in West Branch. Besides his father's blacksmith and farm implement shops, the town had a dentist, a stone mason, a wagon maker, a painter, a photographer, a jeweler, a cabinet maker, a dry goods store operator, an insurance agent, and two cobblers. Most of these businessmen were Quakers like Hoover's parents, and their example shaped his beliefs.

1. What natural features helped determine Iowa's boundaries?

2. Locate West Branch and describe its location within the state of Iowa.

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