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Guilford Courthouse:
A Pivotal Battle in the War for Independence--
Supplementary Resources

By looking at Guilford Courthouse: A Pivotal Battle in the War for Independence, students can learn how the deceptive results of this battle in the backwoods of North Carolina helped set the stage for American victory. Those interested in learning more will find that the Internet offers a variety of interesting materials.

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is a unit of the National Park System. The park's Web page details the history of the park and visitation information.

National Park Service: American Revolution Web Page
The National Park Service maintains its own American Revolution Web Page, which provides a listing of the Park units with connections to the Revolutionary War and colonial America, information on special activities in the Parks celebrating the 225th anniversary of the war, and a timeline of events in the pivotal year of the American Revolution, 1775.

NPS Southeastern Archeology Center
The National Park Service's Southeastern Archeology Center Web page provides an excellent narrative on the Revolutionary War and the significance of the southern campaign. Scroll down to "The American Revolution: the War in the South." Also produced by the Southeastern Archeology Center, the "Southern Campaign of the American Revolution" provides further information on British strategy and generals involved in the campaign.

National Park Service - Museum Management Program
American Revolutionary War is a multi-park online exhibit showcasing museum and archival collections at selected National Park Service sites. Featured sites (Valley Forge, Guilford Courthouse, Morristown, and Independence National Park) and collections commemorate significant events and individuals of the American Revolutionary War [1775-1783]. The Museum Management Program also has a lesson plan focused on Valley Forge, Guilford Courthouse, Morristown, and Independance National Park entitled American Revolution, a Revolution of Possibilities: Politics, Economy, and Society.

State Library of North Carolina
Visit the State Library of North Carolina Web site to discover a wealth of information on the historical background of the battle of Guilford Courthouse, the establishment of the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, and other battles of the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War.

North Carolina's Historical People and Places
The state of North Carolina developed the North Carolina's Historical People and Places Web page for educators. The site offers information on a variety of different historic sites and history topics, including a resource page when you click on the Revolutionary War link that allows access to numerous Web pages dealing different aspects of the American Revolution.

Library of Congress
For a variety of resources on the American Revolution, Nathanael Greene, and Guilford Courthouse, search the American Memory Collection at the Library of Congress.

For information about Gen. Nathanael Greene and the significant role he played in in the Revolutionary War, visit the USHISTORY.ORG Web page.

The Papers of Nathanael Greene
The Model Editions Partnership Web page provides a comprehensive compilation of Nathanael Greene's papers. Greene is considered to be the best strategist of the American Revolution and one of the greatest military minds the United States has ever produced. The Greene Papers Project has been in existence since 1971, and is publishing the nearly 10,000 letters and orders written by and to Nathanael Greene. Read about the man and his military career or search through his letters, which include military orders, petitions, court martials, and general military business, as well as personal correspondence.


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